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China struggling to resist Western culture zt

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China struggling to resist Western culture zt

Seventeenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China the sixth plenary meeting, on October 15 to 18 in Beijing. Plenary Session chaired by the Central Political Bureau, Central Committee General Secretary Hu Jintao delivered an important speech. Xinhua News Agency reporters Yao Dawei and She Ziliao Pictures

The New York Times' Web site reported on January 3 Theme: Chinese President to resist Western culture

Organ of the CPC Central Committee, published this week published an article by President Hu Jintao. He said in the article, the West is trying to spread its culture and ideology to control China, China must strengthen its cultural products to defend against such attacks Hu's speech shows that the Chinese Communist Party in October last year, made an important policy in 2012 In the continuation of this was published in Seeking Truth magazine article from last October Hu Jintao's speech at a meeting. The article clearly distinguish between the East and West, and that there is a cultural war is being upgraded Hu said: We must clearly see that international hostile forces are stepping on China's implementation of Westernization, differentiation strategy attempts, ideological and cultural fields is their long-term infiltration areas of focus.

He added: We should deeply understand the seriousness of ideological struggle and complexity, always vigilant and alert to perish, and take effective measures to prevent and deal with. Hu pointed out that these measures should adhere to the people-oriented, in order to meet people's growing growing spiritual and cultural needs of October last year,Pandora Uk Charms, the Communist Party Congress session of the Sixth Plenary Session, officials discussed ways to enhance China's cultural security necessity Hu said in the article: our culture overall strength and international influence and our international is not commensurate with the status of 'West a stronger' pattern of international cultural and public opinion has not been fundamentally reversed.

Seeking Truth magazine published an article Hu Jintao and other Chinese culture to enhance the strength of the article suggests that this will be a central task in 2012. China has taken measures to strengthen its cultural influence abroad, or soft power. Chinese government opened Confucius Institutes around the world to help learn Chinese into foreign countries also invest a lot of money,Thomas Sabo Charm Club, so that large national news organizations to open branches in major cities in the world, including the state news agency Xinhua News Agency and China Central Television. Officials said they hope that these institutions reported incidents in the world with Western media reports as ubiquitous Bloomberg News website reported January 3 Chinese President Hu Jintao said in an article published journals, the West is using cultural means to divide China China needs to guard against this threat is the Chinese Communist Party Hu's article emphasizes its television and the arts in the field of social and cultural influence of wide range of actions,Pandora Charms Sale, according to the official Xinhua News Agency reported that the Chinese Communist Party last October 15 to 18 at the Sixth Plenary communique said, to other areas in the TV movie launch more outstanding literary and artistic works last year,swarovski outlet, the authorities also announced a controlled television broadcast excessive entertainment and vulgar reality talent show classes and the number of new regulations Hu wrote that the world blend of various ideas and cultural clash more frequently in the background, who occupied the commanding heights of cultural development, who has a strong cultural soft power,tiffany jewelry outlet, will be able in the fierce international competition to win the initiative to England. Daily Telegraph website reported January 2 Topic: Chinese President Hu Jintao warned Western culture war (Reporter Peter Simpson from Beijing)

Chinese President Hu Jintao warned that the West is using cultural warfare differentiation Chinese President Hu Jintao called on more than 80 million Communist Party members against the international hostile forces to meet the people's cultural needs. This call is touting the Chinese government has recently strengthened soft power issued after.

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